Switch Aware

How often do you go outside your Airstream® only to find that you left your side light or step light on? And, have you ever left your propane hot-water switch on longer than you intended – or thought it was on but it wasn’t? Switch Aware alerts you with an illuminated red indicator to tell you when a light or propane circuit is on.

Switch Aware illuminated switches replace the black or white rocker switches you currently have and snap into your existing light switch frame. Your original cover plate and mounting screws remain intact. The new switches take only minutes to install.

Each Switch Aware kit includes: 5’ of ground wire, an illuminated (red) rocker switch, one push-on connector (to connect the ground wire to the switch), one ring connector (to connect the other end of the ground wire to your Airstream), and one stainless screw and washer. The kit comes with a fully-illustrated, step-by-step instruction sheet that guides you through installation. Switch Aware units are ideal for outside lights, hot water (electric and/or propane), as well as for hidden cabinet lights.

For installations where Switch Aware is used for the electric hot water switch, we have an optional Switch Aware Relay Kit that prevents Switch Aware from illuminating and providing false “I’m on” information if your trailer isn’t plugged into shore power. Each Switch Aware Relay Kit includes the relay, four insulated connectors, and instructions. (Does not include Switch Aware switch - must be purchased separately. Wire type is described in instructions, but wire is not included because length depends on individual installation.)


Each Switch Aware kit includes all necessary parts, along with full instructions.

With Switch Aware, you know at a glance when a circuit is on.


Add a Switch Aware Relay kit when using Switch Aware for the electric hot-water switch.